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We've been collecting Images of the Alabama / Florida Gulf Coast since 2001.  We've been adding aerial images and making aerial videos since adding a drone in 2016.  To protect our investment, we watermark these images and videos, but we do allow for others to use our images under the right circumstances.  First of all, we always allow our clients to use any imagery they want.  Along with our supplemental efforts to help boost our client's rental revenues, we offer the use of our images to help in marketing their properties - whether it's to sell or to use for advertising their rental properties.  We make every effort to help our clients get the most from their investment.

Secondly, we sometimes trade services.  For example, we will trade image(s) and / or videos for links to our website.  These links, often referred to as "back links" is one of the signals Google uses to gauge a website's credibility.  If you've found an image or video on or one of our affiliate sites and interested in using it for your own benefit, we can remove the watermarking and forward the images or video in exchange for a link to our website. 

Please email us at or call (251) 978-3718 for immediate assistance.











(We reserve the right to refuse image / video use and will not allow websites featuring adult content, illicit drugs etc...)