Maximize Your Revenue
"Closing is only the beginning"

Like the discovery of Velcro and Teflon, our supplemental rental network was found by mistake.

In 2013 we discovered that thousands of our sales network's daily visitors were using our real estate websites to search for the perfect vacation condo.  It makes sense.  While our pages have interactive maps, floor plans, property details and other helpful info, the most important and frequently used feature is our exclusive aerial videos and fresh pictures;  taken by a professional.  And we organically rank #1 on Google for almost every local condo search;  It's proven that most people will search for something and click on the first organic link - that's usually us.  We provide a great place to gather information and generate a lot of traffic that we refer to our clients. 

"We simply direct the vacation rental traffic from this website, social media pages and our other sites, to our client's rental pages." 

EXAMPLE:  2BR Lighthouse Condo in Gulf Shores, AL

Graphic of our supplemental condo network

We've used the area's largest management company to compile our information.  They use their network with VRBO

Management company with VRBO - Avg was $35,944 and the high was $48,653

Management company with supplementation was $53,000 (Multiple 2BR Lighthouse units)

If we take an average earnings with VRBO alone compared to VRBO + our supplemental network, it came to increase of $10,701.50 (25%)

Five to ten years ago, VRBO was a great way to advertise and the only thing needed.  Today, most every condo in a building is already on VRBO, so it's important to be listed on multiple websites and social media is equally important.  This formula can greatly increase and help to maintain revenue by piggybacking from our sales network consisting of websites and Facebook pages for most gulf front condos from Gulf Shores, AL to Destin, FL.


Created in 2013, our Facebook audience alone, as of Spring 2021, is at 90,000 and growing daily.  You've probably noticed lately that Facebook is becoming more and more integrated in to our daily lives.  It's a GREAT TOOL.


Anyone can use our Facebook condo pages to "like" info, "share" reviews, videos, pics,etc... This is an easy way for vacationing families to share info with their family and friends.  All of this reduces unnecessary calls and emails and improves lead quality by simply sharing current and reliable info.  When someone visits our network, they're familiarizing themselves with a condominium.  By the time they click to your info, they're more familiar with a property. This is helping our clients and friends use their time more efficiently and we're all for that!


Facebook Pages & Website Examples

Here is an example for a condo specific website: Turquoise Place Condo

Here is an example for the same condo's Facebook page: Turquoise Place Condo Facebook Page

These two condos are tied to all other condos.  Constant pictures, reviews and comments from current and recent guests circulate social media and we regularly add great info to promote use, like our recent "Restaurant Menus" page.


VRBO was once, THE BEST, website to advertise your vacation rental.  A few years ago, a one bedroom condo, for example, would've had 5-10 others in that building on VRBO.  Now most of the local rental companies and smaller agencies use VRBO to market their condos.  This basically means every rental condo in a building is on VRBO.  This growth has inundated their pages with too many similar condos and owners are losing revenue.  VRBO has simply gotten too big!
Smart phones and Social Media is playing an ever-important role in real estate today and becoming forever-ingrained.  With all of this in mind, we've optimized for smart devices and created Facebook pages for most of the gulf front condos from Gulf Shores to Destin.  These Facebook condo pages have been collecting "likes" and "check-ins" since 2013.  As of 4/25/2021 we have a following of approximately 90,000 people.  Almost ALL of this audience has been here since 2013.  THIS IS YOUR TARGET MARKET.  Each day this grows exponentially as we post pics, area info and videos, like this latest Gulf Shores Hangout Night Video.  We also own and operate approximately 60 local condo sites that helps add to this audience.

This service is completely free for our clients.  Please contact our administrator, Rachel Kelly, with questions or to get started.  Please email or call 251-Area-Pro for immediate assistance.

 Google Analytic Info Confirms 3 - 4K Daily Visitors

We're currently averaging thousands of visitors per day to; nearly 25,000 visitors per week.  When we include our Facebook condo pages and condo websites, our reach may not compare to CNN, but for local condos, we're everywhere.  This network helps in the Summer, but really proves its worth in the off season when less people are at the beach.  Contact us today to discuss setting up your supplemental marketing plan.  It's FREE!

Looking for condos for sale in Gulf Shores, AL?  Find helpful sales info including aerial imagery with both pictures and videos along with links to view recently SOLD units atop each condominium's individual sales page or use our quick SOLD search comprised of alphabetical links to every condo in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for easy access to view the past two years of SOLD data.  Also, create your own personal SOLD search - use maps or search filters, like waterfront, city, price and more.

We've published the exact same info for condos for sale in Orange Beach, AL along with condo revenue information for all buildings on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  Like the SOLD data, this can be found on each condo's sales page or on our condo revenue page to easily compare buildings.