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We've made Facebook pages for many of the Gulf Coast's condominiums.

Social media real estate logoWe've created Facebook pages for many of the condos on the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast - from Panama City, FL to Mobile, AL.  We share relevant information such as new listings, aerial imagery and local news and info, such as our restaurant menus page.  As people visit our area, these pages grow organically through check-ins and likes.  As of Summer of 2017, we have approximately 50,000 people in our social media network and most all of them have visited and stayed on the Gulf Coast since 2013.

This targeted traffic helps us to do some great things. is tied in to each condo's Facebook page and many condos have independent websites as well.  We direct vacation traffic from all of these sources to our client's / owner's rental portals and online booking pages.  This network greatly helps to lower vacancy and revenues have frequently improved by 10%.

Buyers can often be found within this network so we share new listings with the followers of each condo.  This boosts exposure for our listings and featured properties and considering we rank 1st on Google for almost every local condo sales search, we're able to offer our clients the best online exposure possible!

Finally, owners are also frequent participants in our network;  it's a great place for condo info and useful aerial imagery.  Depending on market conditions, sometimes there's nothing for sale in a particular condominium, coupled with a buyer interested in only one building.  We've used our network to successfully find owners interested in selling and matched them with a buyer.
*We do not abuse this idea and only use it when needed.

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Gulf Shores condos for sale and Orange Beach condos for sale are very similar, from an investment standpoint.  The revenue numbers are identical and one market doesn't outperform the other.  The one difference is very nominal and it's property tax.  The taxes are a little different at a few hundredth's of a point in favor of Gulf Shores.  When you get in to Florida, the tax difference is noticeable.  For more investment info, give Mike a call.  With a background in accounting and owner of several condos himself, he's a wealth of information on structuring investments and help with handling the tax aspects as well.