Gulf Place - Gulf Shores Hangout

Aerial video from April of 2018

The Gulf Shores Hangout was changed to "Gulf Place" in 2016.  The initial change was called the Gulf Place Revitalization Project and was a massive facelift.  Gone was anything old and new was everything.  The major changes included plenty of new shaded areas and much of the entire boardwalk has been cemented.  Additional parking for the Gulf Shores Hangout Restaurant was also a big point of emphasis.  New bathrooms and large patio areas have been added with things like showers and walkovers much less hard to find.  Steps to get on to the beach have been placed throughout.

Two of the largest events held at the Gulf Shores Hangout / Gulf Place are the Shrimp Festival held in  and the annual Hangout Music Festival which is held each year in May.  And the Pink Pony is one of the last remaining beachfront lounges on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Initial Plans - 2016

Video for the initial plans for Gulf Place back in 2016.  This project was labeled "The Gulf Place Revitalization Project - Vision of Sustainability 2025" and has been steadily underway since the groundbreaking.  Some of the focal points of the project are to increase the shaded areas around the public beach, increase surge resistance, improve the aesthetics of this area which basically means to create a much nicer snapshot of the Gulf Shores Hangout so when visitors arrive in downtown, they will see a nice, new and fresh public beach area.  One of the most recent changes has been to the road running in front of Gulf Place.  Medians have been added, bike paths widened and landscaping added to the medians with tall Palm trees dotting the roads in downtown Gulf Shores.  Additional bathrooms, fountains, showers and the size of the meeting areas in the parking lots has been drastically increased and now is large enough for large booths and tents and things to be used during Shrimp Fest, the Music Festival and other large gatherings.  These changes spill over in to West Beach also.  All of the public beach access points in this downtown area have seen these same improvements.

Improvements During 2017

These changes were the next phase of the Vision of Sustainability 2015.

Other Things at Gulf Place

The Pink Pony Pub has been a staple in Gulf Shores for a long, long time and was serving drinks long before the Gulf Shores Hangout Restaurant.  The Pink Pony sits on the far Southeast corner of the hangout area directly on the Gulf of Mexico and few places serve up better views of the sunsets in Gulf Shores, AL.  Just East of the Pink Pony is one of only two condo-tels in town.  The Phoenix All Suites is half condo, half hotel.  This basically means that they are privately owned like a regular condominium, but they are ran like a hotel and the owners are limited to improvements to their condos.  This may not be right for everyone, but they do handle everything and the owner doesn't have to worry about little things like a lost remote, broken A/C or a light bulb that goes out.  Brett Robinson just takes care of things and then makes the owner aware.  They also require owners to use their rental marketing services and the fees are non-negotiable.  The other condo-tel is the Phoenix All-Suites West and sits just a couple of miles down Beach Blvd in the West Beach area.  Find comprehensive info on all buildings, gulf front and other using our condos for sale in Gulf Shores, AL information.  The Phoenix is the largest local strand of gulf front condominiums, by far, and has condos up and down the Alabama Gulf Coast from the newest Phoenix Gulf Shores condo (opening 2018) in West Beach to the Phoenix X which sits just West of the FloraBama lounge on the Alabama / Florida state line.  For more info on the Phoenix condos, including the only non gulf-front buildings in Phoenix on the Bay, visit our Orange Beach condos for sale.  The Regatta condos are a little older and have been around a long time, like the Pink Pony and sit just East of the Gulf Shores Hangout.

Souvenir outlets are not hard to find in the Gulf Place area.  There is 3 souvenir stores either bordering the Gulf Shores Hangout or across the street.