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This website is the focal point of approximately 70 smaller websites and well over 100 individual Facebook pages for condos spanning from Gulf Shores, AL through Panama City Beach, ranks #1 for almost every condo sales search and many subdivisions too.  While we use these pages to market condominiums and real estate on the Gulf Coast, the information goes out to a large group of followers who have all recently shown interest in our area.

Because we publish so much detailed information, families are constantly using our websites to research both sales and vacation information; alone has thousands of daily visitors.  We'll collaborate with local business owners to create a space for their company's info on our website.  We'll take this info and pass it around using our Facebook network to let people know about the business.  This Facebook network has approximately 70,000 followers and is visited countless times throughout the day.

We're working on our local business section and using our Facebook network to promote local businesses.  If you have a website, own or manage a local business and would benefit from additional online exposure, please email us at or call (251) Area-Pro.  There will be no cost or charge for participating.  If you're uncertain about this and have a webmaster that handles your online work, we'll speak with them and they can, in turn, get back with you and discuss things to make sure everything is being done with your best interests in mind.