Tips for Selecting a Sales Associate

"We put a lot of effort in to creating a trusting relationship with our customers and continue once they are clients.  We are a team comprised of Realtors and other business professionals.  Together, we are unlike any other real estate team on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  We work with sales agents with backgrounds in accounting, business management, information technology and a variety of real estate related services to ensure our professionalism is where it should be.  We also work with peers in the real estate industry who have developed condos.  We know how to market and sell your property!"
Your real estate agent should provide you with a professional, and most importantly, an objective point of view. Once you accept an offer, your realtor handles the rest of the paperwork and sets up inspections, closing and other important processes.  Give us a call today and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that knowledgeable professionals are taking care of you and your family.  Thanks for your consideration,

An understandably important decision when selling your home is the selection of your Realtor.  Your real estate agent will be vital to the successful sale of your property. The job is to inform you of important information like:  your homes value, average days on the market for similar real estate, tips for an expedient sale and to basically support you while selling your home.  A large part of your Realtors job is to be honest with you.  This sometimes means telling you things that you may not want to hear.  Often the value of your home is sentimental and it's natural to feel this way.  The real estate market is not always going to yield what you would like.  It's you Realtors job to convey the "market value" of your home through a CMA or Competitive Market Analysis.  This is basically what your home is worth to potential buyers.  This is a huge benefit to you because if your home is over-priced you will lose the interest of many prospective buyers.

When Considering An Agent:

Your Realtor Should:

  •     Know the State and local legal real estate laws
  •     Be effective in dealing with people in general - personable
  •     Licensed with National Board of Realtors
  •     Have a broad marketing profile
  •     In today's fast paced world, they MUST use technology effectively
  •     Have an overall understanding of your market
  •     Have access to legal counsel if necessary
  •     Tailor a marketing strategy to your unique real estate needs

Your Realtor should inform you of things you can do to facilitate the sale of your property.  This process includes:

  •     Knowing when to list your property
  •     Discuss your properties worth based on recent sales, time frame (if applicable) that you need to sell your real estate and not only local market conditions, but also general conditions
  •     Providing you with a Good Faith Estimate
  •     Providing tips for making your home more appealing to buyers

Marketing YOUR real estate

  •     A lock box should be installed, especially if you are selling a condo
  •     Your property should properly be listed on the local MLS
  •     Discussing your property with other local real estate professionals
  •     Designing and implementing literature of your properties desirable features
  •     An Open House is a great way to generate traffic
  •     Your real estate should be featured on your Realtors web site

Handling all of the paperwork and explaining documents before, during and after the negotiations begin.

  •     Explaining the contractual verbiage and obligations before you sign.
  •     Explaining contingencies, stipulations, amendments and opt-outs.
  •     Defining legal disclosure requirements.