Tourism Recovery on the Gulf Coast

Posted by Rachel Kelly on Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 at 2:49pm.

The Gulf Coast is experiencing a robust recovery. Tourism records set in 2011 were broken again in 
2012 as visitors from across the country and the world flock to the Gulf Coast. The Gulf tourism industry 
has seen a strong rebound in part due to BP monies. BP has supported the Gulf Coast tourism through 
payments of:

• $179 million for state-led advertising campaigns
• $7 million non-profit groups and government entities promoting tourism
• A BP national advertising campaign that complemented these efforts to promote tourism along 

The Gulf Coast’s remarkably recovery is evidenced by:

• Taxable lodging revenue in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach set a new record in 2012, surpassing 
the previous record set in 2011 by 15%.
• Taxable revenue per available room and per condo in 2012 was the highest in history surpassing 
the previously high, 2009 levels, by 25% and 31% respectively.
• Taxable retail sales in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach/Fort Morgan areas were 21% higher than 
At this time, the 2013 figures are not available. The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Convention and 
Visitor’s Bureau are projecting another record breaking year. In this writer’s opinion, the future is bright 
for the Gulf Coast!

Note: In addition to the monies spent on promoting the Gulf Coast two primary industries, tourism and 
fishing, BP has paid out approximately $12.7 billion in claims, advances, settlements and other payments 
to those affected by the oil spill. (Broken down: $10.9 billion for individual and business claims, $1.5 
billion for government claims, advances and settlements; and $328 million for other payments such as 
tourism promotion, seafood testing and marketing)

Payments by State 
• Louisiana $4.19 Billion
• Florida $3.89 Billion
• Alabama $1.96 Billion
• Federal/other states $1.65 Billion
• Mississippi $1.04 Billion

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