Rapid job Growth at CentraLite

Posted by Rachel Kelly on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 11:12am.

The Mobile based automation company whose most lucrative products are sold by most of the larger cable providers in the country including, but not limited to Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Rogers.  Catalysts for the recent growth over the past two years are the result of the demand for its devices, which control everything from lighting to thermostats.  
Once thought of as a product for the ultra wealthy, from high tech gadgets on the walls of higher end homes.  Today automation technology’s growth has become apparent in all homes.  Major companies like Bright house and Comcast provide services that are integrated with CentraLite devices.  
The company was recently named by Inc. magazine, as one of the top job producers in the state of Alabama.  The number of employees has grown from 35 to 159 in the past 18 months.  AS home automation continues to become more popular, the company plans to roll out an ambitious lineup of products.  An aggressive goal to develop 14 new products in 2014 has CentraLite planning to grow even faster.   Hiring is already underway.  
John Calagaz, chief technology officer and vice president, said “the level of jobs that we can offer is tremendous, if they can program and they have experience, I’m at the point right now where I would interview them.”  CentraLite currently has 10 software engineers, but is prepared to hire as many as 20 more.  CentraLite is also hiring for the following positions: software engineers, entry-level electrical engineers, repair technicians, test engineers and design-focus mechanical engineers.

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