Fishing the Gulf of Mexico from Orange Beach AL | Perdido Pass

Posted by Rachel Kelly on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 at 5:21am.

 The Gulf of Mexico is known for being one of the best spots for fishing in the world. The warm, tropical waters of the Gulf make an ideal climate for a number of snappers, tuna, mackerel, jacks, and many other species of salt-water fish. Perdido Pass, which separates Alabama Point from Florida Point, is popular with both residents and visitors who want to spend the day or even a weekend out fishing. Whether it’s from the pier or the beach or on a charter boat, a fishing trip in this area will not leave you disappointed.

            There are several species of fish that can be caught around Orange Beach and Perdido Pass all year long, including speckled trout, redfish, and sheepshead. Other species, such as southern flounders and king mackerels, are usually only to be caught at certain times of the year, typically during the summer months. Some fish, especially those which like to stay near the shore during the summer months, tend to migrate to deeper, warmer waters during the winter and you need a boat to head further out into the Gulf to find them. However, even in the dead of winter the fishing around Orange Beach is choice.

            For casual fishers and those who are bringing smaller kids with them, inshore fishing is a popular pastime along the Gulf Coast. Close proximity to the shore means you do not have to commit to spending ten or more hours on the water, but you still get all the excitement of a Gulf fishing trip. Redfish are very common around the Orange Beach area and are an easy and fun catch for everyone. However, as nice as an easy catch is, nothing quite beats the thrill of reeling in a fish that puts up a good fight. Bluefish are also a common species in the area and they do not go easy: they’ve been known to bite through lines and are very aggressive. While bluefish don’t taste very good, they do form schools around Perdido Pass and are a lot of fun to catch and release. If dinner is what you’re after, sheepshead fish are easy to find all over Orange Beach and the jetties around Perdido Pass in the early spring and they taste delicious. Another common fish you can catch on an inshore fishing trip are speckled trout. They can be found in the area all year, but are especially active in the spring and fall. During the fall migration, anglers stand a good chance to catch one of two species of flounder. Gulf flounders, which are most common near the beach front, are a bit smaller than the southern flounders, but they both make for one of the most delicious fish dinners you’ll ever have!

            Offshore fishing is perfect for those who have the entire day or a weekend to devote to sailing far out into the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy a unique and exciting fishing trip. Far beyond the shoreline, offshore fishers have the opportunity to catch several species of snapper, groupers, jacks, and mackerels. Additionally, big game fishing is popular in the Gulf of Mexico, with sizable populations of blue marlins, white marlins, and yellowfin tuna. While it is important to note that some species -- including red snappers and gag groupers – are federally regulated for their protection, there are ample opportunities to catch fish the whole year round. Snappers are very succulent fish and a long-time favorite around the Gulf. Red snappers are a federally regulated species and it is only legal to harvest them during certain periods throughout the year, but mangrove and lane snappers can be harvested all year long and are a popular choice for offshore fishermen and fisherwomen. Greater amberjacks are also a federally regulated species, but they are a great choice for those who are simply looking for the thrill of catching a fish that puts up a massive fight before releasing it back into the Gulf. A weekend spent offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico outside of Orange Beach promises plenty of opportunities to land the catch of a lifetime.

            Whether you’re offshore or inshore fishing, it’s important to use the right technique for the fish you are aiming to catch. Trolling is a popular method for catching Spanish mackerel, bull redfish, and barracudas among many others; jigging is ideal for catching the Gulf flounders that favor staying near the shore; and chumming is the preferred method for catching mangrove snappers. Migratory periods during the spring (when many fish are moving inshore) and fall (when they are moving offshore) are particularly good times to hit the Gulf and go fishing with the whole family or a group of friends. Orange Beach and the Perdido Pass are home to many different fishing charters and are perfect for visitors, as they typically supply everything from fishing rods to fishing licenses. With luxury condos lining the beautiful Gulf Coast throughout Orange Beach and Perdido Pass, you cannot go wrong with choosing to head on down here for a relaxing vacation and a once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip.

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