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Like the discovery of Velcro and Teflon, our supplemental rental network was found by mistake.

Circa 2014 we discovered that thousands of our daily visitors were using our websites for vacation research.  It makes sense.  Our condo pages have interactive maps, floor plans, aerial images & videos, property details and more.  We rank #1 on Google for all local condo sales searches.  We simply direct the vacation rental traffic to the appropriate landing pages;  with availability calendars, rates, pictures and booking info.  This is FREE and just our way of showing appreciation to our clients and friends.  For a list of our condo website, READ MORE.



VRBO was once, THE BEST, website to advertise your vacation rental.  A few years ago, a one bedroom condo, for example, would've had 5-10 others in that building on VRBO.  Now most of the local rental companies and smaller agencies use VRBO to market their rental condos.  This basically means every rental condo in a building is on VRBO.  This growth has inundated their pages with too many similar condos and owners are losing revenue.  VRBO has simply gotten too big!
Social media and smart phones are playing an ever-important role that will continue to grow.  With all of this in mind, we've created Facebook pages for most of the gulf front condos from Gulf Shores to Destin.  These FB condo pages (Example: Facebook condo page) have been collecting "likes" and "check-ins" since 2013.  As of 8/16/2016, we have a following of approximately 50,000 people.  Each day this grows exponentially as we post pics, area info and videos, like this latest Gulf Shores Hangout Night Video.  We also own and operate approximately 60 local condo sites that helps add, READ MORE.


Google Analytic Info Confirms 2,000+ Daily Visitors

Traffic for and our network

We're currently averaging thousands of visitors per day to; just under 20,000 visitors per week.  When we include our Facebook condo pages and condo websites, our reach may not compare to CNN, but for local condos, we're everywhere.  This network helps in the Summer, but really proves its worth in the off season when less people are at the beach.


This is FREE for Clients and Followers

This service is completely free for friends and most followers.  Please contact our administrator, Marlynn Toney, with questions or to get started.  Please email or call 251-Area-Pro for immediate assistance.




Here is an example for a condo specific site: Phoenix West Condo

Here is an example for the condo's Facebook page: Phoenix West Condo Facebook Page




Guests  can use the condo's Facebook page to recommend or "Share" info, like reviews, ratings, pics,etc... Comments require approval, but they create an easy way for vacationing families to share info with their family and friends.  All of this reduces unnecessary calls and emails and improves conversions by simply sharing info.  When someone contacts you from our Facebook condo page, they're already pretty knowledgeable from viewing our Facebook pages and attached video and pics.  This improves lead quality and booking conversions. This is helping every one make greater use of their time;  we're all for that!



Here is a list of our websites. Click on the link to view the website.

These websites provide individualized info to those interested in a specific condominium.  We receive daily calls and emails from those interesting in renting or purchasing condos in the area.  Our growing network currently includes the buildings listed below.  The numbers in parentheses mean there are more than one website for that particular condo.

Our Condo Network Banner

ABACO (Pre construction) Palms of Perdido

Admiral's Quarters

Pelican Pointe
  Phoenix Condos (All Buildings)
  Phoenix Gulf Shores (Pre construction)
The Beach Club Phoenix West
The Beach Colony Regatta
The Caribe (1) Regency Isle (1)
  Regency Isle (2)
The Caribe (2) Romar Place
The Caribe (3) Royal Palms
Colonnades San Carlos (1)
Crystal Shores & West San Carlos (2)
Four Seasons Sea Chase (1)
Grace & Ascension (Pre construction)  
Island Royale (1) Sea Chase (2)
Island Royale (2) Seawind
Island Tower Silver Beach
Island Winds Summer House
  Surfside Shores I & II
LaRiva The Enclave
The Lighthouse (1) The Palms
  The Sands
The Lighthouse (2) Tidewater
The Marseilles Turquoise Place (1)
Ocean House Turquoise Place (2)
Oceania Turquoise Place (3)
  Turquoise Place (4)
The Wharf White Caps
Opal Windward Pointe