Gulf Water Flags Colors and Meanings

The flag system for the Gulf of Mexico is an important indicator for the current conditions and their meaning is outlined below. For current conditions, call the numbers below.

The Gulf of Mexico is the reason most visitors choose our beaches as a vacation destination. While these beautiful beaches are a great way to enjoy the area, they shouls always be respected. The beach flag system's sole purpose is to discolse the conditions for any specific time and are as follows. Click here for a .PDF brochure explaining conditions, how to proceed and safety information.

The high-red flag indicates the beaches are closed to the public. The beaches are typically closed and swimming is prohibited.
Single red flag indicates dangerous conditions, proceed with caution.
Purple flags indicate dangerous marine life possibly nearby.
Yellow flags indicate medium hazard and moderate surf conditions. Careful.
Green flags indicate low currents and conditions are favorable for swimming and water activities.

Contact Numbers For Surf Conditions

Gulf Shores, AL Surf Conditions (251) 968 - TIDE (8433)
Orange Beach, AL Surf Conditions (251) 981-SURF (7873)