Real Estate - "SOLD INFO" - AL / FL

Under construction 8/14/14

The Baldwin County Board of Realtors WILL NOT ALLOW "Sold" info to be published on this or other websites or sent out in newsletters.

This info will only be provided to those who have made contact and registered with us as a potential buyer
*This does not obligate you to buy real estate through us or any other agent licensed in our area

We are allowed to provide this info under the following conditions.

  • You are considering buying property in the requested building, subdivision or area in the future.
  • You agree to leave info intact and refrain from making any changes and/or redistributing info
  • You will not use the info to solicit owners or sellers
  • You agree to refrain from using the info for commercial purposes
  • You are not currently working with or obligated to another Baldwin County Real Estate Agent
  • You are not currently a licensed real estate agent in Alabama