6330 Siguenza Drive - Dolphin's Passing

From the Owner:

"My life at Siguenza Cove is filled with incredible memories and sights that continue to live on even though I no longer reside there. My grandchildren, ages one through eight, learned to ride bikes and roller blade down the dead end street which has little or no traffic. We spent many days on the white-sand beach swimming and floating in the water. The water is clear most all times because of its proximity to the opening of Pensacola pass and the currents constantly moving the water in and out. Bike rides to the beach along Old River Road bike/walking paths makes for an afternoon adventure with stops for lunch at two local places along the path. Fishing charters are available within walking distance of your door and a golf course nearby in Lost Key. Take your boat to lunch or dinner at several excellent restaurants along the ICW, Old River, Perdido Pass, San Roc Cay and Bear Point. The possibilities are endless without getting into a car, including a fish market within minutes by water or car.

The once 300 ft. pier was a favorite place to watch the dolphins passing as they made their daily trips along the ICW and Grand Lagoon waterways. We named the place “Dolphins passing” and the mail box was built by a local artist in the shape of a dolphin. It was a fitting name because everyday we watched these magnificent creatures play and jump and herd fish. With the rebuilding of the pier, partial pilings still in place, good water depth for most boats including sailboats the property has unlimited potential as a true "home". Sunrises at Siguenza are breath taking and a wonderful sight to start the day.

The master bedroom of our home, taken by hurricane Ivan, faced east and made memories so vivid and bright, they cannot be forgotten. So beautiful that even the most sleepiest person would want to get up and see what is coming……the full moon brings another breath taking moment especially harvest moons. Sitting on the porch with a glass of wine or cup of coffee, the beverage matters not, sitting on the porch a must for a full moon rising. The porch was fifty feet long with an assortment of chairs including hanging chairs, hammocks and a sofa for napping. We tried filling the porch because sitting out on the porch……… was like watching a movie. The movie could change on any given day depending on wind, currents, inexperienced boaters and boat launching techniques, Grand Lagoons State Park’s launch is along the ICW. Many a day, my family and I stayed on the porch to watch the movie taking place before us, most were funny and no one was in danger.

The boat parades during the Blue Angles Flight shows are great days to host parties on the porch, grill burgers and enjoy the show; hundreds of boats coming back through the ICW into Alabama waters from the Blue Angel shows on Pensacola Beach. Make sure to have your inflatable water lounge/raft with drink holders anchored off beach to enjoy the rest of the show…..it will last till almost dark, little boats , big boats, small yachts and large yachts, you will see it all. I take away some of my life's most precious memories from this home site. I am grateful for the time I was allowed to live there. I was wonderfully happy there with my husband, who has passed, my daughter, sons in law and my three grand children. Every member of my family left a piece of our hearts at Dolphins Passing.

Come build your dream home on a magical point. Located on the south eastern point of Perdido Key. The street names in the cove are Don Carlos, Gongora and Siguenza, Spanish and named after “Don Carlos de Sigüenza Y Góngora” of Spain and resided during the 17th century."

-Shirley Pfister