Try these Fall tips for added curb appeal

Posted by Rachel Kelly on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 at 1:15pm.

Selling in the Fall or Winter.

Fall and its typically cooler temperatures and lower humidity brings a new season of house hunting to South Alabama.  Everywhere from Spanish Fort to Orange Beach will notice a pick up in appointments during this time of year.  Everything starts with the all-important first look;  curb appeal may be the most important factor in selling anything from a house to condominium.

Seller's should understand that the first time a prospective buyer walks through the door, it's really the second showing.  The reason I say this is simple.  Most all buyers in today's market begin their search for property using their computer.  If they're serious about the real estate their viewing, they've already seen it;  possibly many times.  It's also important for those driving past the home to KNOW it's for sale, meaning highly visible and attractive signage.

Outside of the property.

The home's yard should be clean and crisp and free of any clutter.  Considering painting the front door and shutters is always a good idea.  Another good looking addition is pine straw around the shrubs and other appropriate places.  Replacing the remaining Summer flowers with Fall blooms is a nice touch.  The process is much like preparing for a party while carrying a mindset of trying to beat the competition.

Replacing older porch lights might be helpful.  Also, leave the lights on well in to the evening.  This will make sure people driving or walking by can see the home easier.  You want the property to be noticed.  If people see an attractive, well kempt home on the outside, they are likely to think the home is the same on the inside.  Another tip is to keep the for sale sign nice and clean;  you don't want it looking like its been there a while.

Make sure the photos online are current and reflect any changes made to the home.  Have your agent print a copy of the online listing details and comments.  Check this and make sure everything is accurate.  Usually, the online details page will have a section where a description can be written.  Take some time and articulate the home's qualities and why someone would be lucky to have the place and why they'd love staying there.

Beyond the front yard.

Swimming pools, for example, can be inviting or repelling depending on how well they are maintained.  In the Winter, you probably don't use an unheated pool, but it should appear swim-ready.  A bad idea is having a swimming pool with wads of leaves or algae.

Now, the inside of the house should be extremely clean.  Neutral colors are always a good idea as they go with most every color.  You want the potential buyer imagining living in the home;  imagining their things in the home.  Keep as much clutter as possible out of the house, even if it means finding an alternate location to keep it temporarily.

In closing, one of the best strategies for a seller is to put themselves in the buyer's shoes.  Imagine how the home or condo appears to someone else.  Take a drive by the property both day and night.  Stroll by the property and imagine what others are noticing.  Is it appealing....attractive?

We focus much of our efforts for exposure online.  Take a minute, meet our team and from there, read how we use the internet to help our clients and friends meet their real estate goals.  We have every piece of property for sale in South Alabama listed on our Gulf Coast Real Estate Website.

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