The Weather on Alabama's Gulf Coast

Posted by Aaron Pugh on Thursday, February 16th, 2017 at 7:20pm.

Aerial view of the Alabama Gulf Coast near the Florida state line at Ono IslandThe Gulf Coast is known for its famously sunny, warm weathers that keeps visitors coming here all year long. In particular, this area is very popular with snowbirds looking for the perfect place for secondary winter home or just a long vacation on the beach over Christmas. The coldest month of the year around here is in January, with an average low of 43F and an average high of 61F. The closest you'll get to snow down here are those fluffy white-sand beaches everyone talks about.

Coastal Alabama, like most of the southeastern United States, does get the occasional hurricane and, if not hurricanes, thunderstorms in the summer months. In fact, 66% of the precipitation in the Gulf Shores area occurs during thunderstorms. The rainiest months are July and August, but most days are sunny and hot. Early summer seems to be everyone's favorite time to head on down to the West Beach area of Gulf Shores to catch some live music at The Hangout and relax on the beach or the quieter Romar Beach area in Orange Beach for a picnic with the whole family. Alabama, like the rest of the Deep South, does experience a lot of humidity in the summer. Throughout the year, the average humidity ranges anywhere between 45% and 98%. The summers are hot (average high in July and August is 91F), which is perfect for those looking to spend their vacation sunbathing or swimming in the warm Gulf of Mexico waters. Average wind speeds in Coastal Alabama are fairly low, but just strong enough to help beat the heat.

Overall, the weather down here is exactly what one might expect from a coastal community in the south. Hot summers are followed by comparatively mild winters. Throughout the year, it typically remains warm enough to get outside and enjoy the sights. Those living in or visiting the Fort Morgan area in Gulf Shores might even get to see huge flocks of migratory birds stopping by during the spring or summer, as this area is the ideal stopping point for them before they cross in the fall and when they're on the way back north in the spring. Although there is a risk for hurricanes at certain times during the year, it's relatively rare for the ones that impact the area to prove very dangerous or destructive when proper precautions are taken ahead of time. For most of the year, however, Baldwin County is a phenomenal place to live, with sunny skies, warm weather most of the time, and mild winters.

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