Stedman's Landing Repairs

Posted by Aaron Pugh on Friday, December 16th, 2016 at 5:20pm.

Built in 1852, Stedman's Landing played an integral part of Montrose, Alabama life until it was completely destroyed by a hurricane in 1916. The area remained a popular destination for both visitors and residents who wanted to enjoy views of Mobile Bay and relax on the shore. Stedman's Landing has served as the only public access to Mobile Bay, but heavy flooding back in 2014 damaged the walkway so badly that it had to be closed and erosion made Stedman's Landing unsafe. In 2015, Baldwin County received a federal grant to help stabilize the erosion and in 2016 the county received another, much larger, grant for necessary repairs to both Stedman's Landing and several other damaged areas around Fairhope.

Repairs on Stedman Landing have begun and include making the wooden walkway longer and make it compliant with ADA standards. The cost of these repairs comes in at $213,000 and those who have grown up going to Stedman's Landing for picnics, family outings, or just to enjoy the view are excited to get this area back on track. The walkway at Stedman's Landing includes a plaque at the head of the trail, which discusses some of the history of the wharf and the role it played in Montrose life. It winds through a wooded area and ends in a clearing up on the bluff. From there, you can enjoy stunning views of the beach and Mobile Bay below. The repairs are scheduled to be finished in January 2017.

The Eastern Shore area boasts a rich cultural history and Mobile Bay has always played a pivotal role in growth around the area. Mobile Bay is also the site of a natural phenomenon that is rarely seen in any other place in the world: a jubilee. The town of Montrose predates both larger cities of Fairhope and Daphne and boasts a number of important sites, including fourteen houses on the National Register of Historic Places, the original Post Office that was built in 1890 on Adams Street, and the old Montrose Cemetery.

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