Historic Homes and Districts in Baldwin County, Alabama

Posted by Aaron Pugh on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 at 1:45pm.

Baldwin County, Alabama is rich in history. From the time it was settled, Baldwin County played a pivotal role in the military, social, and economic history of the entire state. With areas settled by French, Spanish, English, and Germans all over the county, each town in the area has a distinct personality and there are numerous houses and districts that are part of the National Register of Historic Places. 

Fairhope is easily one of the most desirable small town communities in Baldwin County and there are a number of historic districts where you can purchase a home. Some notable houses in Fairhope include the Beckner House (also known as the Baker House). Built in 1906, the home is still in use as The Fairhope Inn. Near the end of the 19th century, 28 freethinkers and idealists left Iowa and settled in an area now known as the Fruit & Nut District of Fairhope. Walking down the road here is like stepping back in time, with a number of old homes and large oak trees giving the area a unique atmosphere. Downtown Fairhope is also home to a number of historic buildings and you need only to walk down the road to see why this town has become one of the most beloved communities in Alabama.  

Point Clear is a beautiful community on Mobile Bay that is becoming an increasingly popular choice for families looking for an ideal community to live in. The Brodbeck-Zundel Historic District of Point Clear is home to a number of homes that are registered with the National Register of Historic Places. Perhaps the most popular is Miss Colleen's House (now known as the Punta Clara Kitchen). Once one of the most beautiful homes in Baldwin County, it's now used as a candy kitchen and attracts visitors from all over the state looking for homemade candy.  

There are a number of small communities all over Baldwin County that are home to historic buildings built over 100 years ago. Malbis Plantation, located in Malbis, was originally established by Jason Malbis and William Papageorge as a colony farm in 1906. The original plot of land was 120 acres, but is now spread out over 10,000 acres and has been home to a a dairy, bakery, cannery, machine shop, electrical plants, and more. In Bon Secour, the James Allen House, still in use, was originally built in 1840 by J. F. Yeend and has been in the Allen family since the 1850s. Up in Magnolia Springs, the Brunell House (also known as the Governor's Club) is a historic example of an early 20th-century resort and hotel. Originally built in 1900, the Brunell House has been added on to a number of times and is still one of the most beautiful buildings in town.

Whether you're looking for historic sites to visit or a beautiful little community steeped in history to settle in, there are a number of places to look all over Baldwin County. People here are proud of their communities and proud of the unique cultures and traditions to be found everywhere you look.

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