Fairhope Invests in Community Park

Posted by Mitch Bolin on Sunday, November 17th, 2013 at 7:10am.

The family firm of Walcot Adams Verneuille was chosen as the group to redesign the community park, Clay Adams didn't take it lightly.  Adam's was part of the wellspring community action and fundraising established almost twenty years ago.  The park sprawls over 2 acres and is located on Church st. in downtown Fairhope, AL.

Over the past several years, the coastal air has not been kind to the equipment and the three playground area's need to be replaced with modern equipment.  The patrons who attend the park generally come in from either Daphne or Thomas Hospital because the Fairhope equipment hands out splinters than no one wants.

To pay for the renovation, Fairhope has been granted access to leftover funds in the amount of $429,000 from the BP oil spill.  Fairhope's Walcott, Adams and Verneuille at a not-to-exceed cost of $24,000.

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